Eastern Rimal Factory :

Since the dawn on time, stone and rocks used to be engraved to take different shapes used for human building. It was a time consuming and needed a huge amount of human hard work. This results an increase cost of projects, But now with the advantages of today’s manufacturing technology, a special mixture of cement, fine silica sand and alkali resistant is new wave of future architect.

Eastern Rimal Factory Co. was established in 2005 to serve its clients with an advanced technology that is GRC, and to add the touch of beauty of decorative arts for their projects, which comes through experience in many art works.
The commitment we offer at EATERN RIMAL FACTORY CO. is to provide an excellence and speed all within the frame of quality works. The experience of all our management and technical staff makes us the favorite choice of investors and design offices.
EASTERN REMAL FACTORY - Your best choice:
•ONE OF The largest GRC producer in SAUDI ARABIA .
•Most modern production facility with highly skilled craftsmen and high-tech machinery.
•Full technical support service right from developing the detailing of GRC works
at a tender stage to final execution and maintenance. Al REMAL has the most experienced technical team consisting of architects, engineers and draughtsmen technical team consisting of architects, engineers and draughtsmen.
•Wide range of readily available Islamic architectural designs of screens, capitals, friezes,
balustrades, etc. to choose from.
•Special carvings can be developed within a short period on customer request.
•Pioneer in developing new surface finishes in GRC.
Rimal trading & Contracting Co. :
is a Construction Company (Civil & Electromechanical) that has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service, on time, and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction..